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    Mar 20 • by Stef • No CommentsVideo Updates

    World of Children Award to honor Jaylen Arnold for his work to end childhood bullying

    Oct 9 • by Stef • No CommentsJaylen's Challenge

    World of Children Award will honor 14-year-old Jaylen Arnold of Tampa, Florida – founder of the nonprofit, Jaylens Challenge Foundation, Inc. – in New York City on November 6, 2014, for his work to end childhood bullying.

    Bullies often target children who appear to be “different;” Jaylen Arnold, founder and official spokesperson of Jaylens Challenge Foundation (jaylenschallenge.org), was targeted at an early age. He became the victim of bullying by classmates who made fun of his vocal and motor tics – symptoms associated with his challenging battle with Tourette Syndrome. Jaylen also suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome (broad spectrum Autism).

    “I had friends who were bullied too; we were all too afraid to speak up,” said Jaylen. “I decided there was another way to stand up for myself and I worked hard to start our Bullying No Way! campaign to speak not for just myself, but for others. I’m determined to end bullying in our schools.”

    Motivated by Jaylen’s passion as an eight-year old, Jaylens Challenge Foundation, Inc. [a 501(c)(3) charitable organization] was organized. From the website design to the mission, the foundation is Jaylen’s vision. Dedicated to promoting awareness and the prevention of bullying through education and community service, the non-profit, headed by the young teenager, is his inspiration and his dual mission is to educate people about bullying and to share his life experiences and difficulties.

    Read the full article here on prweb.com

    Dash Mihok interview with DuJour Magazine

    Oct 2 • by Stef • No CommentsInterviews

    dujourmag20142 Because you play such a troubled character, you must have worked really hard to toe the line between being melodramatic and comedic. How did you get to a place where you knew how to balance that, and how did you prepare for that role?

    First of all, the moment I read the script I was like, wow—what a rich, layered character this could be. And then I did a lot of research on victims of sexual abuse, and I spent a weekend in Boston just trying to get a lay of the land. I had never been to Boston and I’m a New Yorker, so that shows you how much of a Yankees fan I am. But I don’t really know how I prepared to skate that line. I think I just tried to stay honest and keep [Bunchy] tortured and lovable—and in bringing out that lovable side, the humor just naturally flowed. I think that’s what’s been great with everyone; we get into these characters so deeply, and the comedy just kind of falls out of our mouths because we’re in it. And I just have to make sure, like you said, not to be too melodramatic. Sometimes I go really heavy and then realize I need to pull back. So it’s a lot of thinking about what it would be like to have been arrested emotionally at a young age and not to have had any good relationships with women—and on top of that to be a drunk. But it was a joy to play. When you get writing like that and you get a cast like that, you know you’ve got to bring the A-est of your A-game. And when you give Jon Voight lines like that, you just can’t lose.

    So true! It makes my skin crawl just watching him sometimes—that creepy puckering thing he does with his mouth. But I really like seeing Bunchy getting his act together at the beginning of the second season. I think the jorts with the tie was a great combo.

    The jorts with the tie was a really nice touch. By the way, those shorts are my costume designer’s actual shorts from the eighties. He’s a big fan of those shorts. He was like: ‘You’re going to wear a shirt and tie! And…these long jean shorts.’ And I was like, oh, of course I am.

    I know you said you spent that weekend in Boston—were there any elements of the Bostonian spirit that made you think: this is how I want to play a Boston character?

    Oh yeah. There were some guys from Dorchester that I based my acting on by listening to dialogue tapes, and there was a particular guy I listened to a lot. The hardest thing for me as a New Yorker was making sure I didn’t fall into the New York accent, because Boston has an East Coast flavor—but it’s really different from the New York accent. So I had to really listen to myself every day to make sure I didn’t do any New York-isms.

    Read the full interview here on dujour.com.

    Dash Mihok interview with Maranda Pleasant

    Oct 2 • by Stef • No CommentsInterviews

    originmag2014 Maranda Pleasant: What makes you come alive?

    Dash Mihok: New experience. I feel like my soul yearns to experience something new at all times. That may be an encounter with a new place or persons or a song that plays and urges me to dance in a different way. I come alive when there is a chance to learn or do something different.

    MP: What makes you feel vulnerable?

    DM: Being with my family and loved ones. Speaking my truth and then being that in action. Leaving my comfort zone but knowing that risk is going to create something beautiful. I believe I have come to good terms with my vulnerability. I welcome it now, where I didn’t in the past. And of course, playing Bunchy Donovan on Showtime’s Ray Donovan.

    MP: If you could say something to everyone on the planet, what would it be?

    DM: I would ask everyone to remember, in any situation we are experiencing, that we can come from a place of fear or love. I would say, however uncomfortable it may be sometimes to get to that root, to please take that extra time and courage to come from a place of love.

    MP: How do you handle emotional pain?

    DM: I do my best to allow myself to really feel it. Cry. Get all in it. Really experience my experience so that I may move through it. And talk about it. I try not to let anything get brushed over and swept under the rug.

    Read the full interview here on originmagazine.com.

    Dash Mihok interview with Metro Entertainment

    Oct 1 • by Stef • No CommentsInterviews

    metro2014 Dash Mihok is being remarkably good about not giving away any details about the last few episodes of the current season of “Ray Donovan” — even after I’ve tried plying him with a couple beers. “You know my show, they can whack me at any time, so I kind of can’t talk too much. They won’t hesitate to whack somebody, even if you’re a family member,” he says.

    One person on the series we agree is probably pretty safe from any vindictive whacking is Mihok’s co-star, Liev Schrieber, who plays the titular Ray. It would be weird if they killed off Ray Donovan on “Ray Donovan,” after all. Or maybe not. “They could just start calling it ‘the Donovans’ or something,” Mihok offers. “No, he’s safe.”

    We’re hiding out in the back of Silver Lake’s Black Cat bar and grill over sopes, po’ boys and the aforementioned beers, and spoilers aside, Mihok is actually feeling quite talkative. On the series, currently wrapping up its second season and recently renewed for a third, Mihok has gotten plenty of time to explore the tortured soul of Bunchy Donovan, a luxury he attributes to the nature of television. “In general, you see all these movie actors moving to TV because it’s racier, it’s more interesting, and they’re enjoying getting to portray these people that are really, really complicated and layered and flawed for more than two hours,” he says.

    Read the full article here on metro.us.

    Dash Mihok interview with KTLA Morning News

    Sep 5 • by Stef • No CommentsInterviews, Video Updates

    “Ray Donovan” Star Dash Mihok Brings New York Realness to Hollywood’s Glitz

    Aug 28 • by Stef • No CommentsInterviews

    With roles in Oscar-nominated films such as Silver Linings Playbook, The Thin Red Line, The Perfect Storm, and Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet, Dash Mihok has plenty of experience under his belt. You might also recognize him from Felicity, but his latest television project makes that sappy one-time The WB staple look like Disney fluff.

    Mihok co-stars on Showtime’s Sunday night drama Ray Donovan (currently in its second season), which centers on the titular character (played by Liev Schreiber) and his back-and-forths in Los Angeles between being a family man, a Boston-bred gangster, and a professional “fixer” righting all of Hollywood’s wrongs. Mihok plays the troubled Bunchy, a sexual assault survivor and addict whose questionable behavior leaves older brother Ray to constantly worry about him and their ex-convict father’s (Jon Voight) bad influence. When the dysfunctional South Boston-bred Donovan clan isn’t stirring up trouble with the FBI, they’re hanging out at the boxing ring owned by their brother Terry (Eddie Marsan), coming to terms with some family secrets of the past.

    Mihok talked with Complex about his role as Bunchy, that time he got to burn Red Sox paraphernalia for work, and what really goes down at some of those seedy Los Angeles parties.

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    Rick Fox interview with Dash Mihok & Pooch Hall

    Aug 28 • by Stef • No CommentsInterviews, Video Updates

    Arise Entertainment 360 interview with Dash

    Aug 28 • by Stef • No CommentsInterviews, Video Updates

    “Ray Donovan” Renewed for Third Season

    Aug 28 • by Stef • No CommentsTV News

    Ray Donovan has been renewed for a third season and will begin production in early 2015.

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